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Hey there! The name’s Cassedy, unless you’re my husband, then I’m affectionately “Bug.” When I have free time around my corporate recruiting career and photography gigs, I love to spend it hiking, visiting my parents and friends, or snuggling up on the couch with my pups binging crime documentaries. Most mornings you can find me with a fresh, home-brewed cup of black coffee in hand, which trumps any fancy latte or iced drink in my book! When I’m not enjoying a hot cup o’ joe, you can likely catch me with a fat glass of Merlot or a Miller Light (I know, I know… I just can’t seem to get on the craft beer train…)

No matter what I’m up to though, I’d always rather be behind my camera. I caught the photography bug in the summer of 2020, and haven’t been able to put the dang thing down since. It just truly warms my heart to be the one you chose to hold your dress, pick spinach out of your teeth, chase your toddler around, or any of the other wonderful, crazy things we get into! I absolutely can’t wait to hear your stories and how I can help you bring them to life and treasure them for years to come. 

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Get to Know Me

I’m adopted! I was adopted at birth and have one brother who isn’t adopted! 

I have two dogs, Margot and Kelso, and a cat, Calvin. They are my “kids” for now! 

My life-long dream is to own a farm where I can garden and tend to cows, chickens, ducks, and whatever other animals my husband allows! 

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management, and almost minored in Ethics just because I like those challenging thoughts & conversations! 

When I was younger, I always loved writing short stories, poems, and blogs. It feels natural to have found a passion for photography in adulthood to put that creative brain back to good use! 

I met my husband in middle school, and always had a huge crush on him. We started dating in college, and finally sealed the deal in June of 2020!